Comfortable and Sustainable Clothing for Explorers:
Take Care and Explore Nature in a Conscious Way.

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Ropa Sostenible Costa Rica

A New Generation of Sustainable Shirts

Namubak is the voice of the Jaguar, deep in the jungle. We show our origins through the connection with nature, we present our true self, our true potential.

Aware of the beauty and power of the environment, we invite you to discover the diverse and vast world out there. With a powerful message of conservation we are an alternative to the fast fashion industry, we slow down, so we realize that we are part of a whole. 

Benefits / Qualities of Bamboo Shirts

Favorite quality for being free of plastic. Bamboo fiber based textiles are biodegradable and decompose organically in the environment. This means that after its life time this type of textiles can be returned to the earth without generating any negative impact.
Extremely comfortable fabric due to a natural component called pectin that gives the softness. It is considered a luxury due to its comfort.
Bamboo fiber is four times more absorbent than normal cotton because it has some micro holes that allow a superior absorption, something very useful when there is excessive sweat or it is necessary to dry the clothes soon.
The micro-hole structure helps regulate body temperature as well as aiding in perspiration. If the weather is cold it will keep us warm and if the weather is hot it will keep us cool.
Bamboo blocks UV rays by 98%. So you can use it perfectly in the summer and don’t need to worry about sunburn.
Bamboo is antibacterial and antifungal due to a substance called “bamboo kun”, an antimicrobial agent that helps the plant resist attacks by pests and fungi. You will be able to avoid bad odors and wear and tear on your clothes for a longer period of time. It is also ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Crowdfunding Campaign

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What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is the process of funding a venture or project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people.
Ropa Sostenible
How Does Crowdfunding Work?
Crowdfunding basically brings together people who have a business idea and need financing from others who are willing to invest a certain amount of money in exchange for a reward, not always monetary.
Reward-Based Crowdfunding
Reward-based crowdfunding is when people pledge money in exchange for a certain benefit or package.

To achieve our goal of providing Sustainable Clothing to the world, we will be conducting a crowdfunding campaign.

Very soon we will have a launch date where you can support the venture and get your shirts. There are 3 stages:

Pre-Launch (Current)

We created the idea and movement. We prepare for the official launch and for being one of the first you get exclusive discounts. Spreading the word is the most important thing.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Having an official date, it will be an exact month where funds will be raised. You support by choosing a reward of shirts that will come to you at the end of the campaign.

Receive your Reward

All those who supported the idea, will receive their respective reward anywhere in the world, so Namubak is born with strength and purpose for a greener world.

Join for more information about our Campaign and get discounts

Sustainable Clothing

Fearless as the call of nature

Exploring Consciously

Namubak is inspired by the power and ingenuity of the jaguar.

It not only visits the outside, but belongs to it, so we are committed to preserving it.

Part of nature, on a mission to save it

At Namubak we want to experience nature, not just to see it, but to feel it. We realize that the world is moving fast, and our lifestyle has disconnected us from our home: The Earth.

However, to preserve the beauty of our world, we need to do things differently.

We clean up Costa Rica together with:

“The resources donated will be directed to finance the execution of the national pollution index and the implementation of individual clean-up campaigns. 

The national index of contamination gives us the possibility to establish which are the wastes that have the greatest impact on the environment in our country. And it underpins the projects and regulations we promote to minimize the impact on our oceans. 


Namubak firmly believes that if we truly experience nature, we will share her respect for it.

Elegant and Fresh, will protect us from any adventure we embark on, Namubak is your partner with Sustainable Clothing.

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The first time I felt the fabric I could not believe how comfortable it is, delighted to support a brand committed to the environment.
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I was surprised by how fresh the bamboo fabric is, I can use it several times in a row and it doesn't keep any bad odor. It became my favorite shirt for hiking.
Meylin Chan
Meylin Chan
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They are fresh, very comfortable and perfect for training or walking.
Javier Tarifa
Javier Tarifa
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I love them for hiking. I had the opportunity to buy one when I was in Costa Rica. Excited to know that international shipments will be made soon. Super recommended. Greetings from Spain.
Sandy K. Shmidt
Sandy K. Shmidt
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The Namubak shirt is definitely one of my favorite pieces. The fabric is super soft and cool. I love to wear it with jeans to have coffee with friends or during walks in the jungle of Manuel Antonio. The symbol of the brand is really fascinating - who doesn't feel empowered by a jaguar watching their back? For me, the design of the shirt gives me a sense of pride in Costa Rica's great efforts in conservation issues and inspires me to fight harder. I am sure that Namubak as a brand will be present in my closet for the long term. A sustainable brand that aligns with my values
Juan Salas Quiros
Juan Salas Quiros
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Since I discovered the shirt it became my favorite, it fits all my activities, whether it's training, biking, going to the beach, hiking or even sleeping. The quality is very high, the fabric does not shrink or stretch, it always stays. Super recommended.
Karla Gutierrez
Karla Gutierrez
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I had never heard of bamboo fabric, and when I first felt the fabric I fell in love. I ended up buying one for myself and two for my children.
Eugenia Martínez
Eugenia Martínez
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The fabric is amazing, it's very cool and accommodates all types of weather.