Our Story

Namúbak was born with the desire to promote an adventurous lifestyle that encourages people to go out and enjoy the natural beauties that the world offers us.

Thanks to this, we help reduce negative impacts on the natural environment by creating awareness about the conservation of our natural assets with sustainable products.

What is Namubak?

Bribrí Ancient Language
Namú = Jaguar
Bak = Go through the ravine

Namubak is the voice of the Jaguar, deep from the jungle. He seeks to show us our origins. Through the connection with nature, he presents us our true selves, our true potential.

Conscious about the beauty and power that the environment holds, Namubak invites us to discover the diverse and vast world out there, with a potent message of conservation: he displays itself as an alternative to the fast fashion industry, asking us to slow down, so that we realize that we are part of the whole. 


Our collections are accessible, however we do not sacrifice the quality and design of our sustainable products.


We are aware of our impact, that is why our products are made from environmentally friendly materials that are good for your skin and the planet.


Our materials are a luxury as they are designed to fulfill their function, while maintaining great softness and elegance.

Inspired by Nature

Namubak gets inspiration in the power and ingenious of the jaguar. He doesn’t just visit the outdoors, he belongs to it, that’s why he is committed to preserve it

We firmly believesthat if we truly experience nature, we will share his respect for it. Nonetheless, comfort and protection are a given, since he is also out to demonstrate that sustainability in clothing can also beat fast fashion in those aspects. 

Stylish and fresh, he will shield us from whatever adventure we embark ourselves into.

Our Mission

We faithfully believe that we have a responsibility to care for and preserve the world in which we live.

Our mission is to contribute to conservation, so that people can know and enjoy natural destinations in a sustainable way. That is why we want to raise awareness through our products made of 100% ecological materials.

Through our clothing we want our community to connect more with nature, as this guarantees a positive experience for tourists and the local population.