Our Impact


+10 garbage collection campaigns carried out

Ecofriendly clothing

Our clothes are made with sustainable materials


+300 planted so far

By supporting us with any of our products you are helping us to carry out waste collection campaigns on beaches, seas and rivers in Costa Rica.

It is important for us to create awareness about this growing problem. Each year more than 350 million tons of plastic are produced and of this only 9% is recycled.

Researchers have observed that each wash cycle of a washing machine can release more than 700,000 microscopic plastic fibers into the environment.

That is why it is of the utmost importance to use garments that are friendly to the environment and that when washed they do not release this type of microplastics.



Part of our philosophy is to encourage people to explore, connect and care for nature through our sustainable clothing.

Our products are made with the lowest environmental footprint and with the most comfortable and sustainable materials. We use natural textiles such as bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

Natural fabrics are a very healthy option for the skin, this is thanks to the effect of perspiration and insulation that the same ready-made garments allow.

Also some of the other many benefits are its natural antibacterial qualities and the softness that its natural and pleasant touch produces.

At Namubak we love nature. We love being surrounded by her. That is why we carry out reforestation campaigns to combat our CO2 emissions and to help restore natural areas that have been affected by uncontrolled logging.

We have planted more than 300 trees to date. Reforestations are key to creating awareness in people about the importance of trees and how they can be our greatest allies against the climate crisis.

Our last cleanings
MonteSky, Orosi, Cartago ( 20/02/2021)

On February 20 we had the great pleasure of accompanying different environmental organizations in a tough cleanup organized by @soyheroeambiental 
The cleaning was carried out in the community of Orosi, Cartago in a clandestine garbage dump. Tires, televisions, furniture, refrigerators, and even auto parts were part of the scraps that were removed.
For us it is a pleasure to be part of these events where positivism and teamwork are fundamental keys to get the job done. And the most beautiful thing of all is that everyone’s goal is the same, to help the environment.

Guacalillo, Puntarenas (27/02/2021)

In this cleanup, we joined forces with other incredible environmental organizations to clean up about 2 kilometers of shoreline. More than 300 people joined us to give love to Playa Guacalillo, one of the most polluted beaches due to its proximity to the Tárcoles River, one of the dirtiest rivers in Costa Rica.
Beach cleanings help us raise awareness about pollution and educate people through action. In general, beach cleanups are a good cause for bringing people together to focus on the environment and learn ways to protect it.

We join organizations such as:

Operation Rich Coast
FundacionGreenHeart, among others ..