A high quality fabric that is wonderful to wear.

It is an eco-friendly, renewable and sustainable material that helps control carbon dioxide emissions in the environment.

Thanks to these properties, bamboo has become popular among people who encourage environmental care.

What makes bamboo so green?

Bamboo is an extraordinary plant with a unique set of characteristics that distinguish it as particularly environmentally friendly.

Some of the most important reasons why bamboo stands out are the follows:

Purify The Air

It gives us clean air to breathe, it consumes CO2 and, because bamboo forests are very dense, 30% more oxygen returns to the atmosphere than plants.

Grow with Less Energy

It requires less energy and water to grow compared to other plants and trees used for fiber production.

Purifies the Water

Helps mitigate water pollution given its high hydrogen consumption, being a solution to excess nutrients in polluted waters.

Pesticide Free

There is no need to use pesticides or fertilizers as it blooms naturally.
Namubak wants us to experience nature, not just to see it, but to feel it.

Benefits of Bamboo Textiles

A New Mentality for the Benefit of the Ecology and the Environment.


Favorite quality for being free of plastic. Bamboo fiber based textiles are biodegradable and decompose organically in the environment.


Extremely comfortable fabric due to a natural component called pectin that gives the softness. It is considered a luxury due to its comfort.


Bamboo fiber is four times more absorbent than normal cotton because it has some micro holes that allow a superior absorption, something very useful when there is excessive sweat or it is necessary to dry the clothes soon.


The micro-hole structure helps regulate body temperature as well as aiding in perspiration. If the weather is cold it will keep us warm and if the weather is hot it will keep us cool.


Bamboo blocks UV rays by 98%. So you can use it perfectly in the summer and don’t need to worry about sunburn.


Bamboo is antibacterial and antifungal due to a substance called “bamboo kun¨. You will be able to avoid bad odors and it is also ideal for people with sensitive skin.