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Ambassador Program. We are looking for passionate and nature-conscious explorers who are curious and leave a positive mark wherever they go.

Our ambassador program not only allows you to meet and connect with other explorers, but also offers you countless opportunities for exposure on all of our social networks. Earn free products, a lifetime discount code, a 10% commission on every qualified purchase!



10% Commission


Why become an ambassador?

  • Discounts up to 30% off 
  • Personalized discount code to share with followers and friends
  • Earn 10% commission
  • Get early access to new collections.
  • Participate in photo shoots
  • Opportunities to travel and participate in beach cleanups and reforestations.
  • Get inside information - spikes, updates, etc.
  • Earn rewards, free products and more with our exclusive Ambassador portal.
  • And most importantly: be part of a community of conscious explorers who promote sustainable tourism!
Ambassadors Program - Sustainable Apparel - Namubak (2)
Organic Cotton Shirt
Ambassadors Program - Sustainable Apparel - Namubak (1)
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Ambassador's Instagram: @rago_photography

Our expectations

  1. Passion for our brand: We are looking for ambassadors who have a special connection with our brand and our products. If you are passionate about Namubak and everything we do, you are an ideal candidate.
  2. Identification with our values: The values that drive our company are very important to us and we are looking for ambassadors who identify with them. If you share our vision and mission, we are confident that we can build a successful team.
  3. Storytelling skills: As a Namubak ambassador, you will be in charge of telling interesting and engaging stories about our brand and products. If you have skills in writing, public speaking or creating video content, you are the perfect candidate!
  4. Social media presence: An active presence on social media is essential to be a Namubak ambassador. We look for ambassadors with a good amount of followers and a significant interaction rate on their posts.
  5. Influence capacity: As an ambassador, you will have the responsibility to encourage your followers to try our products. If you have the ability to influence your audience, you have the ideal profile to be a Namubak ambassador.
  6. Commitment to deadlines: Meeting deadlines and commitments established with our company is very important to us. If you are committed and responsible, you are the ideal candidate.
  7. Experience with our brand: If you have already tried our products and have had positive experiences with them, you have an additional advantage - we love working with ambassadors who really love our products!


We hope this list will be useful and motivate you to join our ambassador program - we look forward to working with you!


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