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Get ready for your outdoor adventures with our Waterproof Eco-Backpack!

Carry everything you need for your outdoor adventures while contributing to more sustainable living with our 42L waterproof dry bag made from recycled plastic.

Comfort and capacity in one place: 42-liter recycled Dry Bag

  • Ensured comfort: the padded lining on the two straps and the back helps distribute the weight and provides greater comfort for the back.
  • 2 snaps for back support: to maintain stability and distribute the weight properly on the back.
  • 42-liter capacity: the perfect size to carry everything you need for your outdoor adventures.
  • 2 750 ml bottle holders: to keep you hydrated at all times.
  • Double reinforcement clasp: for greater security and protection against water.
  • Front dry zippered pouch: for easy access to your important items.

Eco-friendly and resistant: Recycled Dry Bag

Made from recycled plastic

rPET helps reduce the carbon footprint and minimize oil demand.

Rugged and durable

RPET fabrics are very resistant and durable materials, with high heat tolerance and flexibility.


provides waterproof protection for even the most demanding people.

Contributes to reducing landfill waste:

by giving recycled plastics a new useful life.

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Comments about the first collection

Daniel Moya
Daniel Moya
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"I love using the dry bag every time I go on tour and I am impressed with its quality. Not only is it waterproof, but it's also tough and durable and besides that I'm glad to know it's made from recycled materials.... I would definitely recommend it."
José Daniel
José Daniel
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"The perfect choice for anyone looking for a durable, waterproof and environmentally friendly product. I have used it several times on activities and it has always met my expectations. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a dry bag of this type."
Bryan Sanchez
Bryan Sanchez @bryansanchezcr
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"This dry bag is one of the best accessories I have ever purchased. It has held up to all my adventures and all my gear has stayed dry and safe. Plus, it feels great to know that I'm making a positive contribution to the environment with every use."