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Explore, Create Content and Get Benefits!

Ambassador Program

Explore, Create Content and Get Benefits!

Ambassador Program. We are looking for explorers who are passionate and aware of nature, curious and who leave a positive mark wherever they go.

Not only does our ambassador program allow you to meet and connect with other explorers, it also offers you countless exposure opportunities across all of our social media. Earn free products, a lifetime discount code, a 10% commission on every qualifying purchase!



10% Commission


Why become an ambassador?

  • Lifetime discount
  • Further personalised discount code to share with followers and friends
  • Earn 10 % commission
  • Get early access to new releases
  • Participate in photoshoots
  • Opportunities to travel and participate in beach clean ups and reforestations.
  • Gain insider info – sneak peaks, updates, etc
  • Increased IG following and engagement
  • Earn rewards, free products and so much more with our Ambassador exclusive portal
  • And most importantly: be part of a community of conscious explorers who promote sustainable tourism!

Our Expectations

  • Instagram Feed Posts.
  • Instagram Stories.
  • Regular Engagement on social media with Namubak.
  • Like/Comment on Posts.
  • Share Namubak Post/Stories with followers.
  • Take clear and quality photos/videos.
  • That you explore responsibly and support tour operators, lodges and restaurants that operate in a sustainable way
  • That you promote the principles of ecotourism

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